Two Weeks of Class for FREE

Tuhon Ward shows a joint lock during an advanced class session.
Tuhon Ward shows a joint lock during an advanced class session.

Interested in learning a martial art? Want to hone your discipline and become stronger? Come by Blue Ridge Kung Fu and learn a new way of life. We have an introduction of two weeks for free. The arts are Sil Lum Kung Fu, Sasamba-Kali and Emperor’s Long Fist.


Sil Lum Kung Fu

Study the ancient fighting art based on the movements of the five animals, as well as professional weapons training. Tuesday and Thursday: 5:30pm (children), 6:30pm (adults).

More information on the art here.


Emperor’s Long Fist

Study the internal arts of Tai Chi, Hsing I, Ba Gua and Chi Gung direct from the Emperor of the Sung Dynasty 960 a.d. Training in these arts promoted health and longevity. Tuesday and Thursday: 7:30pm.

More information on the art here.


Sasamba Kali Arnis

Study the Filipino stick fighting system created by Tuhon Rick Ward who combined Modern Arnis, Tradition Arnis and Kali, Ju Jitsu, Chin Na and Sil Lum Kung Fu. Monday and Wednesday: 6:30pm.

More information on the art here.


Stop in today: Highway 421, one mile west of Boone. Lowrates and private lessons available.

Check out the times and new number to call here.


Kali Seminar in April

si-lumTuhon and Guro Ruby will be coming to Boone N.C. the 25th of April 2015.

Subjects taught will be (sticks and knife forms) in the morning and advanced stick and knife fighting tactics and disarms.

If you have any questions about what time it all starts contact the Blue Ridge Kung fu Arnis Academy in Boone N.C.

NOTE: It is also requested to please bring a first aid kit for the Philippine people in meed of medical supplies. There’s a shortage and Tuhon Ruby will send supplies over to assist in their healing.

Reflections of a Christian Kungfu Master

Ricks bookThere has been much written about the dangers of Christians practicing Chinese Kungfu. Sadly this has been done out of a spirit of fear and misunderstanding. In this book Master Wilcox uses his 37 years of experience to dispel many of these misconceptions. Topics discussed are: What is the true origin of Kungfu? Who created the Yin Yang symbol and why? What is chi? Is the Chinese dragon really a satanic symbol? Can I train Kungfu as a Chrisitan? Written in simple, easy to read language, Master Wilcox answers all of these questions and more! Check out his book or purchase here.