Children learn discipline from their Grandmaster.

Welcome to BlueRidge Kung Fu

We are the pilot school of the Blue Ridge Kung Fu chain of schools. The school is located in the western mountains of North Carolina in a college toblueridgepatches_165banner-1wn called Boone. This is a well organized school that has been around for over 20 years and has dedicated itself to teaching quality martial arts with quality instructors that produce quality students. Tuhon Rick Ward and his instructors welcomes anyone to visit and check out the studio.

Our beginning Kung-Fu students learn basic stances, kicks, blocks, punches, chin-na, and basic animal and weapon forms. These provide the student with a proper foundation for effective combat skills. Intermediate students learn knife attack defenses, more weapons training, sweeps, take-downs, animal forms, and light sparring. Advanced students learn advanced applications of many animal and weapon forms, pressure point fighting, advanced chi kung, multiple opponent strategy, etc. Long-term learning possibilities are endless. The dedicated student will learn confidence, self-discipline, and build strength of body and character.

The styles we teach are Sil-Lum (Shaolin) Kung-Fu, Chin-Na, Sasamba, and Emperor’s Long Fist (Ba Gua Chuan ” Tai Chi Chuan ” Hsing-I).

Again, thank you for visiting the website and contact us, or come to the studio, if you have any other questions.

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